We Need Your Help To Complete Renovations!

We have a house (well almost).  Why is that important?  Because, houses have beds…and why are beds important you ask?

According to the IYI (Indiana Youth Institute) 165 homeless young adults in Vanderburgh County will answer ‘no’ when asked if they will sleep in a bed, or safe place, tonight.  Take 18-year-old Tori for example; she transitioned out of foster care directly into homelessness in Posey County and is now sleeping in a friend’s car on the West side of Evansville.  Then, there’s Evan, a human trafficked youth that lives in the shadows of the hotels and motels which line Fares Avenue, or 20-year-old parent Cali and her 1-year-old daughter Kayla, both waiting for a bed to open up at one of the only two shelters for women and children in Evansville.  Because Evansville and the surrounding counties have no housing or services for homeless youth and young adults Tori, Evan and Cali fight every day to find food, diapers, and a place to sleep.

Our Permanent Supportive Housing Home, located at 23 E. Columbia St., is 80% complete.  We need your financial help to complete the remaining construction project so that we can open our doors and begin housing homeless youth, before winter sets in.  Through direct intervention, we provide housing, life skills education, needs-based financial resources and focus on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of this vulnerable population.  The home will help provide the emotional stability that is at the heart of any meaningful change.

We need to raise $40,000.00 to complete renovations.


Our Journey

In The Beginning

ECHO Housing Corporation donated the home at 23 E. Columbia St. to Foster Care In The U.S. on April 1, 2021.

In order to get the home ready, we had to completely demo the interior.  That meant everything had to go.  So, we gutted the inside down to the studs and took out everything; wiring, piping, walls, insulation, ceiling, steps…everything, and left only the frame standing.

The Inside

We had our work cut out for us!  Demoing all of this is in NO way like what you see on HGTV!  This was a lot of hard work, and we can tell you that walls are always hiding something…like having brick behind them.

Then, it was time for the outside

The guys at All American tore off the siding, roofing and everything else, and gave the home a new look!

We went from white, to a gorgeous taupe and WE LOVE IT!


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