We’re working hard to open the doors on the home at 23 E. Columbia St. It will be home to Indiana’s very first dedicated, Permanent Supportive Housing for homeless foster care youth and young adults. The home, when it is complete, will be home to:

  • 8-10 Full-Time Program Youth (male and female)
  • A homeless shelter unlike any other, because youth, not currently enrolled in the program, will be able to live in the homeless shelter for 6 months
  • A food pantry solely for youth and young adults in need
  • A clothing bank
  • Our corporate offices

This is more than just a home. This is a full 1-3 year program designed to improve the outcomes of youth and young adults. The program provides youth with a solid, stable base that includes Permanent Supportive Housing, Case Management, and full-scale services, like Life Skills Education, FS2s, Mentoring, Financial Literacy, and much more, that they can utilize to achieve success. 

Ways of Giving & Assisting the Campaign

Team Effort

Are you in real estate, work in a large office, or just love a challenge? Gather together a group of coworkers or friends and raise money to donate to the campaign. Let us know the name of your team and how much you are trying to raise at info@fostercareintheus.org


GoFundMe Warrior

Have a strong following? Sign on to be a GoFundMe Warrior who constantly shares the campaign all over social media. Shoot us an email with your information and tell us why you want to be a warrior for the cause at info@fostercareintheus.org

Donate To The Campaign

Every little bit helps. Donations of $5, $10, $20, add up super fast. Head on over to Forever Home For Homeless Foster Care Youth and contribute what you can.

Become An FS2

Are you more hands on? Interested in becoming an FS2 for homeless youth? Drop us a line and tell us more about why you’re so dedicated and what your vision is of the future of foster care with a general inquiry via our Contact form

Want to do more? register as a volunteer.  See details below


Where Do I Go To Sign Up Or Register?
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We are always in need of volunteers to staff our fundraisers, events, youth mentor opportunities and opportunities to work directly with youth in our home.


Our programs include providing youth with essential services (food, transportation, etc.), life skills, housing, and school backpack programs. 


Every dollar donated changes the outcomes of Homeless and Foster Care youth in Evansville, IN, and the surrounding counties. 

The facts on homeless foster care youth

  • Children and youth in Foster Care are referred to as the “Throw Away Society,” because of the perception that if they are unwanted human beings, then their life has no value.
  • Only 3% of that 30,000 (900) will finish high school, find a job, obtain housing and not repeat the cycle of foster care with their own children.
  • 7%, of that same number (2,100) will commit suicide, or attempt it, within the first six months of transition, because they have no one and nowhere to go.
  • Over half will become the victims of a violent crime before their 21st birthday.
  • The rest will be incarcerated, murdered or become the victims of human/sex trafficking.


Foster Care In The U.S. is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Evansville, IN. We are dedicated to changing the outcomes of homeless Foster Care Youth and Young Adults here in our hometown from failure to success. We serve youths age 18-24 with services and assistance provided up to 27.

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We provide dedicated services to these vulnerable youth through our Exits To Success Program. We provide:


  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Rental/Utility Assistance
  • Mentoring
  • Life Skills Education
  • Job Skills Training & Education
  • Pregnant/Parenting Youth Education
  • Dedicated Case Management Services and much more

Our Programs



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