Programs & sERvices


Our mission is to make a meaningful impact in the lives of homeless, foster care and at-risk youth and young adults, age 16-24, in the Tri-State.  We provide services and assistance in the Indiana couties of: Vanderburgh, Spencer, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson.  In Kentucky, we provide services and assistance to Henderson and Owensboro residents.

Through direct intervention and services, we provide housing assistance, life skills education, needs-based financial resources and focus on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of this vulnerable population.  The programs and services that we offer educate, support, uplift and equip them with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and move from homeless to housed.  


We provide TSH (Transitional Suupportive Housing) at the newly renovated IATT House, located at 23 E Columbia St., Evansville, IN 47711.  The home can hold seven program residents.  If the home is at capacity, we provide housing assistance to individuals currently experiencing homelessness, and those at-risk of homelessness, by working with local and state programs, like  Aurora, and the IHCDA, to provide housing options and financial education and  assistance.


Financial Wealth Management

The long-term success of this population means providing them with the knowledge and ability to correctly manage finances.  We have partnered with Old Natinal Bank , and 53 Bank, to ensure that they are taught how to manage their finances and budget for their own individual success.  The program is a twelve-week course and covers the fundamentals of banking, cyber security, teaches investing and saving and provides knowledge, skills and tools they need to build a solid financial future.

Life Skills Education

Our Life Skills Education recognizes that not everyone is in the exact same place, when it comes to knowledge obtainment.  What some may know, others may have no awareness of.  Our program intake identifies the needs of each participant, and taylors the education to the needs of the client.  Our Life Skills Education teaches basic, valuable, skills such as community resourcing, budgeting, job skills, reading, pregnant/parenting education, communication, personal safety, driving, how to obtain medical insurance, how to find a doctor/dentist/therapist, and much more.


The EYAB (Evansville Youth Advisory Board) provides program participants with a voice and say in programs and services at the local and state level.  Area youth and young adults, age 14-24 with lived-experience, have the opportunity to design programs and services that serve and fit their needs.  




We provide program participants with the help and guidance they need, and that most are lacking, through our mentoring program.  Participants are paired with a mentor that guides them and helps facilitate their success through one-on-one interactions that build self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence.  



Our FS2 (Family Support Too) Program offers participants the continued help and guidance they need through dedicated families in the community.  FS2’s are an intergral part of Foster Care In The U.S., and provide the family love and support that each of us needs to grow and feel wanted. Individuals, wishing to be an FS2, are required to pass a background check, and take our 8-week training course, before being paired with a youth or young adult.


Needs-Based Financial Resources

When available, through our HESA (Housing, Employment, and Stability Assistance) Fund, we provide financial assistance services, to those who qualify, to assist with things like cell phone bills, rent/utility assistance, minor car repairs, car towing, repairs to housing to keep housed young adults housed, car payments, gas/transportation costs, birth certificates, down-payment assistance, tuition and much more.  Individuals must be employed in order to receive assistance through the HESA Fund.


Medical/Dental/Vision & Mental Health

As part of our service array, we provide participants with medical, vision, dental and Mental Health care by partnering with ECHO Community Healthcare, Southwest Behavioral Health and Deaconess Health Services.  Until insurance can be obtained, or even if it can’t be, we shoulder the financial costs of medical care for program participants living in the IATT House, or participating in the program to ensure that their medical needs are taken care.

Employment & Apprenticeships

Through the IATT Project community partnerships, we are able to offer program participants assistance in obtaining employment that offers pay which will meet their budget, personal and economic needs.  Partnerships with growth industry sectors, like STEM, Clean Energy, Application development, Coding and established trade industries like Electrical, Carpentry, Automotive and Steele expose participants to the wide variety of  jobs which offer stability, income and wealth growth.


Transitional Foster Youth Resources

Often times, youth transition out of foster care into homelessness due to a lack of knowledge about the resources that are available to them upon transition.  We educate participants, and the public, about available resources and how to access them; resources like Foster To Success, FYI (Foster Youth Initiative) Housing Vouchers, ETV (Educational Training Vouchers), CFCIP (Chafee Foster Care Independence Program) GJR (George Jr. Republic) IHBS (Ireland Home Based Services) Public Housing Initiatives, and much more, that assist transitional foster youth, those with a history of foster care, and at-risk youth and young adults and their families with a wide variety of services and financial assistance to prevent and end youth homelessness.