(Exits To Success) is our Permanent Supportive Housing Program.  ETS is a 1-3 year program that works in conjunction with the IATT Project.  Youth and young adults currently enrolled in the ETS program receive:

  1. Housing for a 1-3 year period, but can be longer under special circumstances.
  2. All food and meals are provided to program participants.  Program participants never need to purchase food or worry about food insecurity
  3. ETS does pay $15.00 a month toward youth cell phone bills/charges.  Youth are responsible for the remaining amount
  4. Transportation is provided in the form of bus tokens, a bus pass or staff can, from time to time, provide transportation to youth to and from work or appointments
  5. Clothing/clothing assistance during the program stay
  6. Case Management Services
  7. Dedicated, individual, mentoring
  8. Medical/Dental/Vision assistance and care
  9. Educational Assistance to complete high school, GED classes, or enrollment into an accredited university
  10. Financial Assistance with deposits for new housing, furniture, utilities, and vehicle purchase (for youth who qualify)
  11. Retirement Account establishment upon successful completion of the program.  ETS will deposit the first $1,000.00 into the account to establish it
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The IATT Project is our Life Skills Education Program and works in conjunction with the ETS Program.  IATT is a collaborative program that is overseen by Foster Care In The U.S. in partnership with The Isaiah 117 Project, Old National Bank, and the Junior League of Evansville.  The program enrolls youth and young adults via referral from the EVSC, DCS, CASA or other Social Services or Educational agents.  Classes are taught in a relaxed setting and occur weekly, in accordance with youth school and work schedules.

The program educates and empowers at-risk youth by providing them with the skills and tools necessary to effect success in their own life.