Foster Care Month


Every year, some 400,000+ children, youth and young adults, find themselves in the institution of Foster Care in the United States.  Most enter into the system due to abuse and neglect.  Our organization, and others like ours, strive to provide a better outcome for them.  By advocating for better programs, services and financial assistance for those that find themselves within the institution, we hope to bring about a better way of life, and an improved system of change, for them and those that come after them.

The Mayor of the City of Evansville, issued a Proclamation declaring May Foster Care Month for the city, to coincide with the National Proclamation, issued by the President of the United States.  Join our organization, and countless more, in celebrating this historic event.

WhenMonday May 2, 2022

Time10:00 a.m.

Where:  Steps of the City County Administration Building at 1 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

We are expecting a very large crowd for this event, and we ask that all who want to participate, please arrive early to ensure a good parking space.  Parking for the event will be in the available parking spaces around the City County Administration Building as well as ample parking in the back 40 (C.K. Newsome Parking Lot).