What is CJ's Glasses?

CJ’s Glasses is a program of Foster Care In The U.S. Inc.  The program, named for the executive director’s grandson CJ, provides financial assistance to children and youth, currently in attendance in Promise Neighborhood Schools, toward the purchase of an initial, or replacement, pair of eyeglasses or contacts.

Application Available October  2023

To ensure that this valuable resource is properly utilized, applications can ONLY be submitted by the following individuals currently working at one of the Promise Neighborhood Schools listed above:

  • School Nurse
  • School Counselor
  • Child/youth/young adults Teacher
  • Child/youth/young adults Case Manager or Homeless Services Case Manager

PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on expanding our reach and to get CJ’s Glasses in every EVSC School within the next two years.

Why This Program Exists

According to the EVSC, it is the third largest school district in the state of Indiana with an enrollment of more than 22,000 students in attendance in 40 schools.  In the six designated Promise Neighborhood Schools within the EVSC, an average of seven (7) students per school are unable to see to read schoolwork and perform daily life tasks because their family cannot afford the cost of a pair of eyeglasses or contacts.  

An inability to see affects academic success, causes physical and mental ailments like headaches, severe eye strain, anxiety and depression all of which directly impact physical health and the quality of life.  CJ’s Glasses is a critically-needed community resource for these students and their families and was created to address this need.


For Physicians

A Word

From The Founder/CEO

The idea for CJ’s Glasses came from my grandson, CJ (Cashton James) who is a current student at Evans.  CJ broke his glasses and his mother was unable to pay for a replacement pair.  CJ, like his father, is on the Autism Spectrum, and he went without glasses for a while.  He experienced headaches daily, stomach aches and his vision changed, slightly, because of eye-strain.  His teachers sat him up front to help him see the board, and it took him longer to complete his lessons. 

It got me to thinking that, like me, CJ’s mom probably was not the only one  struggling to pay for glasses for their child. 

CJ’s Glasses was created specifically for children, youth and young adults in the EVSC and the community, in need of an initial, or replacement pair of eyeglasses or contacts.  Assistance will be immediate (within 24-hours) of application being made and information verified (short and sweet app, no prying questions).  I see no reason to make anyone wait to see longer than what they already have.  Poverty is poverty.  That is why I, CJ’s grandmother, did not have the money to help his mother pay for a replacement pair of eyeglasses.  Such a basic, critically- needed, item should not be that hard to obtain and should be accessible to those most in need in the community.  So, I created a resource and way to provide to others what I could not afford to provide to my own grandchild.

CJ’s Glasses exists, so that no other parent, or grandparent, has to struggle with helping their child see a brighter future.”

– Jessica Angelique

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CJ's Glasses

Location: 23 E Columbia St., Evansville, IN 47711

Telephone: (812) 319-7507

Email: info@fostercareintheus.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm