Evansville Gives Back

Register your business to participate in Foster Care In The U.S.’s “Evansville Gives Back” yearly campaign!


What is Evansville Gives Back?

Evansville Gives Back is a yearly giving campaign where local businesses donate 3%, 5% or 10% of sales on the first Saturdy in May to raise $1-million, in 1-month for housing and services to prevent and end youth homelessness in the Tri-State.

Can I decide how I do the % back?

Yes you can!  Example…Some businesses are doing 10% back from 4-CL, or during Happy Hour only, or  between certian hours that they decide.  We even have some doing 2.5% and donating an item to our FB Live Auction.  Still, others have decided to donate a $75 or $100 GC to our Auction instead of doing the % back.  You decide what’s best for you!   No matter what you decide, everyone wins!

How will people know that I am participating in the Give Back?

We will provide each participating location with

  • 2- 8 x 10 Color Flyers to advertise your “Evansville Gives Back” participation
  • Buttons/Pins for your employees to wear on the “Give Back” day

Radio, TV and Billboard advertising will also provide the public with information.  A list of participating businesses will also be posted to our website, beginning October 1, 2022.

How is the give back done?

Participating businesses will mail a check to Foster Care In The U.S. at the end of the give back.  All checks must be mailed by May 31st of every calendar year.  Checks should be made out to Foster Care In The U.S. Inc. and have “Evansville Gives Back” in the memo line.

If you opt to donate an item to our FB Live Auction every year, then we pick those up the week of October 3-7 of every calendar year.  


I want to help, but can’t do the give back.  Can I do something else instead?

ABSOLUTELY!  The great news is that EVERYONE wants to participate and do something, so you tell us what you can do!

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